Audition: Aladdin & his Wonderful Lamp – a traditional pantomime

Audition for Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp – a traditional pantomime will be held on October 5th & 6th.

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Ages shown are “playing age” rather than actual age.
Parts that may require some singing ability are marked with an *
Notice that as this will be a traditional panto Aladdin is a girl and her mum a guy!
  • Aladdin*                     F         20-25     Young, daring and impetuous
  • Wishee Washee       M         any         Aladdin’s brother. Cheeky, yet infinitely stupid
  • Widow Twanky*        M         40+         Aladdin’s mum. The Dame…what else to say?.
  • Abanazar                   M         30+         Aladdin’s uncle. evil, mean, an energetic and joyful villain.
  • Balroubadour*            F         16-20         The Princess. Sweet, charming innocent and vivacious … but a bit of a brat.
  • So Shi                         F         16-55         Her maid. Cynical and sarcastic but with a heart of asbestos
  • Emperor/Empress     M/F      40+         Supreme Ruler of China. And boy do they know it!
  • Grand Vizier               M/F      50+         Advisor. Old, doddery, crotchety and self-important
  • Genie of Lamp            F         any         Helpful but extremely ditzy.  Also plays twin sister (Genie of ring) who is the complete opposite
  • Ping and Pong            M/F     any             Policemen. Bumbling ineffectual clods. One is Good and one Bad.
  • Chorus                       M&F     all               People of Peking

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Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp

A traditional Christmas pantomime written and directed by Stephen Lee, presented by GRADS.   BOOK NOW

  • Will Aladdin get the Princess and outwit his sorcerer Uncle? Let’s not waste time on plot….of course he will!
  • Much more importantly: along the way we will have songs; dances; magic; men dressed as women; women dressed as men; and some incredibly old jokes; in this traditional pantomime re-telling of this classic Arabian Nights tale.
  • And is it full of custard pies in the face, booing, hissing, audience sing-alongs, and even more old jokes?
  • OH YES IT IS!!!
  • Fun for all the Family!
  • With special guest appearance by you-know-who…

PERFORMANCES: December 5 to 20, 2014

VENUE: Hackett Hall, Draper Street (off Underwood Ave), FLOREAT, WA 6014

CONTACT DETAILS: Arnold WONG, Production Manager, 0417276653

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